Hey there!

I'm William

I make YouTube videos about the popular videogame Minecraft (mostly) I have a Discord and Minecraft Server as well. I try to make regular videos on a certain topic but i stray very far away... My latest videos are on 8 bit remixes of popular songs. I hope you like them!

PC Specs

  • I use a MacBook Pro 2019 for my gaming and editing since around September
  • Core i9 9880H
    16GB DDR4 2677mhz ram
    AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4 GB Graphics (i know terrible)
    1TB SSD
  • I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit video with Adobe After Effects.
    I use Adobe Photoshop to edit photos and thumbnails
    I run MacOS Big Sur on my MacBook and have Windows 10 on Bootcamp installed to play games on
  • For Display i use a 30 inch 200hz ultrawide monitor.